As an online coach, I often work with expats. Born in the Netherlands, I have lived in six different countries across four continents since childhood. Having been an expat for most of my life, I understand first-hand that the joys of expat life come hand in hand with challenges and I am able to coach all aspects of professional and personal relocation and expat life. My international background and my own culturally diverse family life, provide the added dimension of cross-cultural coaching. Starting over is my specialty.

I completed my formal training with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited Elite Coaching Center, completing the Certified Professional Coach Program (CPCP). I am lucky to have trained with one of today’s most talented international life coaches – Ashraf Marzzoka. He encouraged me to strive to be the best coach I can be and to update my knowledge and skills continuously.

Before I became a professional coach, I was a linguist with a Masters Degree in Semitic Languages, working at diplomatic missions in various countries. My experience with changing circumstances and languages has resulted in the ability to adapt and learn quickly and to communicate with flexibility, efficiency and sensitivity. Being well versed in several languages, I coach in English, Dutch and German.

Currently stationed at the foot of the vineyards in the beautiful Limmat Valley in Switzerland, I am passionate about being a professional coach guiding, motivating and encouraging people to find their path. Following the code of ethics set by the ICF, I developed a coaching style which is all about creating partnerships, transition, trust and confidentiality.