“It has been a real pleasure to have been coached by Paula. What impresses me most is her enormous level of involvement in my deep feelings and emotions, as well as her powerful questions. Apart from that, she is a caring person by nature, to whom I could unfold myself. She also helps me to focus on feasible commitments in each session, which moves me forward in a practical way. Paula is a great coach that I would highly recommend!”

Wendy Peiwen (fmr Marketing Coordinator & PA to CEO in SPG Dry Cooling, Brussels)

“Paula was brilliant at getting me to confront the emotional ‘blocks’ that had barred me from writing my book. She taught me how to overcome those blocks and I now feel properly equipped to throw myself into any challenges that lie ahead. Paula provides a combination of strategic clarity and emotional intelligence. I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Ingrid Stone (writer)

“Through my experiences of being coached with Paula, I can truly say they have had a positive impact on my life! Paula has a very natural approach in her coaching style and leads from her heart. I love how she opens up my perspective, roots me in my sense of self and gently guides me towards what is “right” for me. Her diverse life experiences enables her creativity to shine through as she helps me see life in such a more positive perspective. Working with her has truly made a positive difference in my life. I have more compassion for myself and a greater softness towards myself that I didn’t know was possible. I highly recommend Paula for anyone who is seeking a greater sense of well-being in their life!”

Lindsay Berg (Entrepreneur, Sweden)

“Paula is absolutely brilliant and anyone would be lucky to have her as a coach. Her strength lies in being very insightful, being able to hear what is unsaid and ask the right questions. I’ve had so many AHA moments with her and working with her, I’ve come up with very tangible actions to take going forward. I 100% recommend her.”

Natan Oredugba (Artisan of Life)

“I’ve known Paula for over a decade. In all that time, she has been a constant source of inspiration and a steady rock in my life. What I admire most about her is her natural ability to bring perspective into difficult situations without diminishing the issues at hand. She does this by being unflinchingly pragmatic and yet warmly empathetic. When I talk to Paula, I feel listened to without being judged. I feel heard even when I don’t explain myself well. She is structured and methodical in her approach, which helps me gain clarity and a positive feeling of being able to cope. As a coach, Paula strives to bring out the best in me. That alone is the greatest gift I can ask for.”

Rekik (Teacher of English Literature, Switzerland)

“Paula is an excellent coach. She honors my growth by posing thoughtful questions. One of her strengths is her ability to create a safe environment for us. Because of her positive and supportive stance I am able to explore challenging topics. I highly recommend Paula as a coach for anyone wanting to grow in their personal or professional life.”

Ellie (Professional educator and life long learner)

“I immensely look forward to my coaching session with Paula each week. She is an accomplished, caring coach who cares deeply for her clients and is especially skilled at helping the client to find the right answers within themselves. Paula’s measured approach offers ample time for the client to reflect on her astute, searching and powerful questions and effectively builds a relationship based on trust. Paula helps you identify your true values and therefore gives you a sense of destination encouraging you to make the choices to make a fulfilling life your reality.”

Claire Zambuni (Business Owner, Marketeer, Journalist and Coach)